Temple Off-Campus Apartments Individual Leases

Although we generally prefer to sign one lease per apartment, we are willing to take applications for individual apartment share leases. This means that the individual is leasing exclusive use of one bedroom plus 50% usage rights to the common area elements of the apartment such as living room, dining area, kitchen and bath. Separate rental accounts are maintained for each tenant. Each tenant is individually responsible for his/her ½ the rent and ½ half the electric (i.e. these are two bedroom apartments). Billing for the electric is handled monthly by the Landlord. In this situation, We reserve the right to match up roommates. As we prefer not to get involved with roommate selection, we highly encourage friends and classmates to team-up and make joint applications.

Full apartment leases receive preference over individual "apartment share" leases. Apartment share leases are generally done with fully furnished units. Applications for individual leases will be processed and approved. Once an application is approved, the tenant is required to post a one month security deposit (approx. $540 to $565 depending on unit).  This deposit is refundable only if we are unable to match you up with a roommate and rent you an apartment. Once two "roommates" have been assigned to an apartment, leases are prepared and signed. At the time of lease signing, the first month's rent is also due.

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